What is a bed and breakfast?

At the most basic level, a bed and breakfast is place -- often found in a renovated home, mansion or small hotel -- to spend the night and enjoy breakfast (included in the price of the room) in the morning.

But every bed and breakfast is different, and there's no single accepted definition. Innkeepers, travelers, B&B associations, lawmakers and others all tend to have different ideas. Even the breakfast part is not 100 percent certain. Some B&Bs offer only a continental breakfast, and some inns which would otherwise be considered a bed and breakfast offer no morning meal at all.

How does a bed and breakfast compare to a hotel?

Typically, staying at a bed and breakfast offers a more personal experience than staying at a hotel. If you choose to, you can interact directly with the innkeeper and other guests, something that isn't always practical at a hotel. The breakfasts, which usually are included in the room rate, tend to be topnotch. B&Bs have fewer rooms than most hotels, and they are often located in converted historic properties or converted homes.

Will we have our own bathroom?


What size will our bed be?


Will there be a telephone in our room?

There are no telephones or cell phone coverage in the rooms but there is cell phone coverage on certain areas of the property.

Will we have a Jacuzzi, whirlpool tub, or hot tub in our room?

Only the Bridal Suite and the Michelangelo room feature full size jacuzzis. The Botticelli, Da Vinci, and Titian all have whirlpool tubs.

Can we connect to the Internet from your B&B?

There is no WiFi in the rooms although you can connect at the main office and restaurant.

Will our room have air conditioning and heating?



Enchanted Rock

Please be advised all guests looking to visit Enchanted Rock State Park will have to

make reservations prior to arrival.

You can reserve by phone(512) 389-8900 or online at 


Covid-19 Update

 As a safety precaution daily housekeeping has been suspended for guests staying 3 days or less.
Towels will be left outside the room on request.
Guests are advised to distance themselves a minimum of six feet from anyone that is not traveling with them.
This includes public restrooms, restaurant, pools, and any other public area on the property.


Do you allow pets?

We currently only allow pets in 2 of our Bed and Breakfast suites- The Vaquero Villa and Titian Suites.


What if I need to cancel after making a reservation?

10 days prior to date there is a $35 cancellation fee. If the cancellation is 10 days within arrival date the full amount is charged unless the suite can be rebooked.

Do you have a liquor license?

We do not sell liquor, but you can bring liquor into your room. We do have an excellent wine and beer menu.

How often do you have weddings and will I be able to reserve a room during this time?

We hold weddings frequently and many brides do book all the rooms for their guests. However, it is always easy to get a room during the week. In the case where a bride does not book all the rooms we will leave these rooms open for the public and offer special discounts during these events. It is your choice to stay on our property during a wedding but keep in mind that there could be a possible ceremony in our courtyard or reception in our restaurant in which you will be notified ahead of time.

I want to have a wedding at The Trois Estate and would like to know if you have a preferred vendors list?

We have a wonderful group of professionals that we highly recommend that cover everything from photography to cakes. You also have the option of bringing in your own approved vendors if you choose.

Do you have an outdoor pool?


The outdoor swimming pool is available for all guests to use from 9am-10pm.

No Lifegaurd on duty, Swim at your own risk.